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Happiness For Senior & Special Needs Dogs

Company Message

** 501c3 Non Profit Organization*

Please support our cause and donate. We rely 100% on public donations. Donate to save a life!

One time or set up recurring donation. 

We offer senior & all age special needs hospice dogs a happy comfortable home to enjoy the rest of their lives. Our residents enjoy lots and lots of rest time, medical care, exercise and even playtime! 

Our special needs/critical care residents are never adopted out. This is their forever happy home!

We do help healthy senior dogs in shelters find happy forever homes too!

We offer unconditional love to our residents!

Our residents come from shelters, all of which were on death row and deemed unadoptable.

Follow the progress and heartfelt stories of our residents. It is amazing to see the transformation from a sad, sick and depressed dog to a happy, healthy thriving dog that regained days, months or even years to their life. All due to giving them love and happiness!

Be sure to view our picture gallery & FaceBook page. 

Chance the neuro puppy has his own FaceBook page to: Chance's Story